Our Import Training program consists of over 275 pages covering the Topics listed below. 

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Import Training

Import Training


Import Process                                               Participants in the Supply Chain

Customs & Border Protection                      Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT)

Container Security Initiative                         Supply Chain Security

Importer Security Filing (ISF)                        ACE

Customs Broker                                             Freight Forwarder

NVOCC                                                            Importer of Record

Tariff Classification                                        Basic Customs Forms

Power of Attorney                                          Right to Make Entry

Appraisement                                                 Invoices

Country of Origin Marking                            Customs Bonds

Informed Compliance                                    Importer Self-Assessment

Recordkeeping                                               Reasonable Care

Prior Disclosure                                             Penalties

Post Entry                                                       Drawback

Reduced Duty Programs                               User Fees

Types of Customs Entries                             Temporary Importation Bond

Carnet                                                              Foreign Trade Zone

Other Government Agencies                        10 Tips for Importers

Import Considerations                                   Best Practices of Compliant Companies

Negotiating Rates – Saving $                        Minimizing Demurrage

Economic & Trade Sanctions                        Outsourcing Logistics